Your Voucher
For legal reasons and for unlocking features I ask for a voucher. If you dont have one, please use simply "rockrobo"

Your Email
The building process of your firmware can be scheduled over multiple machines. To keep track of it and to inform you, please enter here an email address, where you can receive messages. Feel free to use a spam email address (as long as you can receive mails there for around one hour). This information will be deleted after a few days automatically.

In order to connect over SSH, you need to upload your public key (aka authorized_keys file) or let dustbuilder generate a key for you. We do not support password logins. If you do not intend to ever connect over SSH, feel free to select "Let DustBuilder generate a SSH Keypair", e.g. if you use Valetudo.
Please do not upload private keys or/and try to bypass my private-key filtering function!

Create diff between original and modified image
If you do not trust my building script, you can demand a "diff" file between original and modified firmware. This helps to verify that my dustbuilder is doing only what it is supposed to do and that I do not implant anything in your firmware.

Replace Xiaomi adbd with generic adbd (enables shell access via USB)
The vacuum robots have an USB interface, which is usually protected by a special authentication. By selecting this option, you can connect over USB via "adb shell" without authentication. While this can be a fallback, this option does not survive factory resets or firmware updates.

Preinstall valetudo
This option installs Valetudo into the firmware and disables the cloud functionality. This is usually the option which you might want to select (in order to have a cloudless vacuum).

Preinstall Nano texteditor, wget, htop, hexdump
If you are a power user and want to have access to some additional tools, you probably want to select this option. It will install the mentioned packages into your firmware, without leaving a huge apt cache folder or some other temporary files. For users who never intend to connect via SSH, this option does not make sense.

How to check the status

Due to high load, the server runs sometimes out of storage. Unfortuantly you need to wait until it gets free again (there is a cronjob which deletes images older than one day).
To check the status of your build, check https://builder.dontvacuum.me/status.log. For your Job you should see a "Mail sent" and "complete" line.
If you see only "Mail sent", then its likely that your build will run at a later time (e.g. when space gets free).